Thursday, August 28, 2008

Foot Sketch

This is my first sketch for IAR 101. In the begging of our first class, we were instructed to sketch our own feet or the foot of a partner. For this sketch i payed attention to shading and the way the light hit different parts of my foot. I have also placed my signature to look like the wrinkles in  my pants.

first blog!

Hey everyone this is my first official blog and i thought i would start it out with a quote. " You know what bad drawings do?They make you appreciate the better ones. They are a reminder that drawing, like attempts at home-made mayonnaise, can yield some really poor results .  "

I found this quote on by France Belliville and it just stood out to me. This is the mentality i should have as a student beginning a drawing class at college or for anyone who wants to just pick up the pen and draw. 

Not only were Bellivilles words inspiring to me but his drawing were so captivating. I was immediately interested when the page had first loaded onto my computer and i saw the little boy with the gangster grin on his face and the sparkle in his eye. I believe that drawing is bout capturing a moment, a feeling, that little flick of inspiration. It also interested me to find her different techniques of drawing; while some where extremely realistic, others looked like somewhat of a cartoon. her use of color is also something that i enjoyed, especially the hand holding the yellow button. I was inspired by the amount of things that she actually drew, from a teddy-gram box to a women making a funny face. it seems like Belliville takes her pencil wherever she goes..I want to be the kind of drawer who can dump out everything in her purse and just draw.