Friday, September 25, 2009

Stepping Toward the Present(ation)

Our upcoming project is to take a few things from what we have .  and learned and create a well thought out presentation board. It would be easy just to scan these pictures in and put them up just as you did them but i decided to go one step further and use my newly-found photoshop skills to edit my images. My goal was to filtrate these images with the colors from the Maud Gatewood painting in order to tie them all together.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

"oh tell me why do we build castles in the sky"

When this project was first announced i was excited at the fact that we could be so creative and imaginative.  I automatically think in color so i decided to saturate this compsition with light pastels in order to give it a fantasy feel. I also chose to draw an angal in the foreground of the composition in order to balance the image. I feel that this enhances the image and does not take away from the castle because the background had more intense colors while the foreground has more washed out ones.

Color Me Photoshop!

I had a really fun time doing this assignment. I never realized how many things you can do to edit a photo. With this assignment i tried to be playful in my usage of color as well as light and shadow. The tools i used most were the burn, dodge, lasso, and the paint tool.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Thursday, September 17, 2009


I took my sketch upmodel one step further (or should i say 3 steps) and added a personal touch through decoration and shadow.  In this exercise i attempted three styles of drawing tight, medium and loose.  I also used a slight variation of color inspired from one of Maud Gatewood's paintings. I found it very challenging to make the loose drawing because i didn't know the borderline of something looking loose and something looking half done. Better luck next time i guess!

Sketch it UP!

This process went another step further when I built my model in sketch up (my very first real sketch up model)  After two courses with Sean ( the computer god) and countless hours playing and fighting with sketch up I created my final model. I tried to show a variation of texture, color as well as detail.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

North Perspective

After Drawing the plan of what i envisioned the north wall to look like i drew it in perspective view.  I attempted to make it look more realistic and give the drawing weight by using gain different line intensities and shading.

In Pla(i)n View...

After creating my south wall perspective, I imagined what the north side of the room would look like and drew it in a plan view. This drawing is successful through the different variations of line weight I used.  the objects in the space that are higher up have a darker line weight than those closer to the ground.