Friday, October 30, 2009

Case Study-Axon Final

I feel very strongly on how this axon finally turned out. It  definitely took a couple pens pencils and erasers for it to become a clean composition. I feel that the colors within this composition are extremely vibrant but work well due to the 50s 60s time period.

So You Think You can Spook?!

This was an exciting project that really got me in the halloween spirit.  I decided to be a little creative by drawing the haunted house in a pumpkin and write a story about it to make it look like a complete composition.

"Up upon your stoop a jackolantern sits,
Inside beyond the goop, the pumpkin seeds and pits.
Here a house it lie as small as one can be.
So hidden in disguise, look closely and you'll see.
Through jackolantern light is this tiny place revealed.
For only in the night can you see what is concealed.
A house of doom and gloom on pumpkin seeds and pits.
A haunted house it lies and on your stoop it sits."

Thursday, October 22, 2009


This was trial one of my elevation render for the Case Study Home.
Here I focused soley on color pencil.

For my second attempt I used both prismacolor pencil and marker in separate section of the elevation.

My final rendered elevation had both color pencil and marker blended to create unique and powerful effects of light and shadow as well as distance and time period.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Case Study: Plan it out!

In class we were assigned a plan view to convert in scale and render. I was informed that this home was built sometime in the 50's or 60's so i felt that it was my chance to really go crazy with color and get away with it! From here we drew and rendered sections which will be appearing on my blog soon!

So You Think You Can(t) Draw?!! Scale Figures

Another So you think you can draw! I have been having a lot of fun doing these projects because i can freely use my creative mind. So far it's been working out pretty well. For this assignment we had to draw three pictures showing scale. I decided it would be unique to choose alice in wonderland and her transition from small to huge in the film.  Overall i feel that this piece both mets the assignment and is aesthetically pleasing!