Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Timeline 375 BC + AD

375 BC

-Age of the Spartans.
-Study of Hippocrates on medicine and illness.

The Greeks invented the first catapult called Oxybeles( bull shooter) 
-Invention of Bronze armor such as ankle guards.

Biotian War, Greece
Theban general.
Pelopidas made leader of the sacred band.

-Imhoptep- worlds first architect.

375 AD
-Emporer Valentinian provides schools and physicians to help the poor in Constantinople.
-Christins in Alexandria smash all pagan idols.
-Veneration of angels and dead saints, and the use of images.
-The mass, as a daily celebration.

Artistic expression in the Mayan culture: paintings, buildings etc.

-Death of Valentinian. Followed by Gratian who also promoted his infant brother Valentinian II at Milan. Gratian is the first emperor to refuse the office of Pontifex Maximus.
-Gratian defeats Alemanni. The Romans, under Valens are then defeated badly at Adrianople by Fritigern and the Goths.
-Theodosius the Great declares Catholosism the sole religion of the empire. 
-Pagonism is officially ended with edicts published by Emporer Theososius.
- The last showing of the ancient Olympic games until 1896.
-Roam influence on Scndenavia
- Expansion of the Huns

-Famine in Lower Moesian region. Thousands of people starve and take desperate measures to stay alive.
- Travel to Romania is blocked and forbidden.
-330,000 acres of land abandoned in Rome due to malaria from moquitos.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


STORY: We started out the semester with fairytales which is known to be another version of a story.  We also learned that throughout history, different types of architecture tell different types of stories.

Multiview: I chose to draw a butterfly for multiview because if you think about it a butterfly can get a view from anywhere whether on top of a blade of grass or high up in the sky. This reminded me of the multiple views that are shown in the movie A Midsummer Night's Dream.

TRANSLATION: This is the quilt that i created for my fairytale. I saw this as my own interpretation or traslation for the different parts and characters in the story. This is because each square represents a different character and they are all wove together by one theme or one element, copper wire.

ARTIFACT: In the film A Midsummer Night's Dream, the flower was an artifact of love; playing with love when you are or aren't supposed to.  The flower stood as a symbol for many things such as love in the movie just as a certain detail on a peice of architecture such as a cathedral symbolizes a certain period or style.