Thursday, October 30, 2008

This is a drawing of a topographic view of my house in New York. I used darker lines for the outline of the house and minimal color to show what each object depicted. For example i used green for the shrubbery, purple/grey for the road, yellow for the house, red for brick, and blue for water. I also created shadows and a direction symbol to show the viewer which way was North.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


These are my first contour drawings of a building taken out of an exercise in the textbook. It took a while to understand how the lines connected to the steepness but i think I'm getting the idea

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Unity Drawings

These are drawings of my plan and elevation for the unity project. I played with different line weights because my inspiration was the chinese dragon and i tried to mimic the chinese writing.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Dialog Final

The only thing i changed in the structure was the points. Instead of them being faced in and therefore not visible i made them all facing out. This, i believe, has more symbolic meaning because when you are having a conversation with someone some points get across(the parts that touch) while others just go right past the other. This is a play on hearing only what you want to hear.

Dialog Attempt 1

The dialog in my project is between two apposing parts. The points represent the ears and the openings represent the mouths. The skewers are the points that one is trying to get across to the other. While some skewers touch the opposing sides others don't. This represents that while people are fighting, one only hears some point the apposing side is making while everything else goes past him. My inspiration or precedent is Chinese dragon dancing. Each module n the structure is reminiscent of origami and when they are put together they create a curved shape. This represents the movement of the dancing. Chinese dragon dancing tells very symbolic stories often of conflicting forces like my project portrays.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Zooming Out

For this exercise we had to focus on one object and then keep zooming out to a bigger picture with the object still in it. I went with the idea that everything starts with a screw so i drew three screws and when i zoomed out each picture became something different. Thus three completely different things are held together by screws.

Light Fixtures

In the first image, i drew various light fixtures i found in the IARC building and drew them through observation. In the second picture i drew a larger version of one of the lights. This drawing is a view of someone looking down at a hanging light fixture.

Architectural Hardware

For this exercise, Nadia told us to draw architectural hardware,pushes and pulls, in three different drawing techniques

Friday, October 10, 2008

Unity- Comparing

I chose to compare my project with Annie Fuller's unity project. Annie's project because it has similarities to mine in that it shows movement and has continuation.  While my project portrays moment in a circular motion, Annie's moves up and out. Her project is also fairly symmetrical by allowing the viewer to draw an imaginary vertical line through the enter and having both sides be equal.  I appreciate her craft it is apparent that she took the time out to make this project as clean cut as possible as did I.  We both played with the idea of threes for our skewers but she did not use as much repetition as i did. There are some parts that are repeated throughout the structure unlike mine were all of the pieces are identical.

Unity Graphic

This project is about unity, so i thought that there is no better way to make my project unified better than creating a graphic that is similar to my project. Yes, the graphic is bursting with color but the front is simple, just as my structure. The three pieces that stick out from behind represent the three other pieces in the project. Each has the same same but is distinctly different from one another because each piece added to the structure give the total shape more movement. 

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Unity Drawings

Each peice that was behind the graphic rotates out to reveal the drawings that i have created: the elevation, gesture, plan, and contour. These drawing show different aspects of the structure to give the viewer a better understanding of it. The movement of the reveal also connects to the structure itself by the implied movement that i was trying to create within the piece.


My main focus for the unity of my piece was used through repetition. This project contains twelve cards and twelve sticks. By creating four identical pieces and placing them diagonally on top of one another i have created a curved structure. I decided to make the structure asymmetrical but have qualities of symmetry through continuation. The three skewers placed on each piece draws a continuous curved line which has the same similarities to the curves of the parts of the structure. I have also continuously worked to make the craft well by making several models with different types of glue. I have finally chosen glue strips which is a strong adhesive that makes no mess and is almost invisible. This creates less distraction from the project as a whole and furthers the unity of the structure.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Twig/Cellphone Project

For this project we were supposed to observe certain characteristics of our cellphone and twigs and draw them. Then we drew an even more zoomed in concentrarted part of the twig. After that we were to draw 16, 8, and then 4 views of the twig and cellphone images blended together to the point where you no longer see a twig or a cellphone but an arrangement of patterns.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Twig Project Final Ideration

My final for the twig project! After many attempts i have finally mastered my intent. Since the last project i added more color. By making the paper two toned it allows the viewer to see the structure differently from every angle and creates a better contrast to the twigs. I have also eliminated the cup shape that held the twigs and instead made the spirals the "container" to give the twigs a bigger role in the entirety of the piece. I carefully used minimal amounts of hot glue as an adhesive to kept the pieces together and to help make the craft look good.